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Jul 12, 2017

Come join the Tap Takeover Podcast for a special Bonus Episode this week, as we lead you through a live festival experience! Wisconsin Beer Lovers Fest is put on by the Wisconsin Brewers Guild each year, and provided the perfect opportunity for the TTP Boys to check in on some familiar faces to the podcast - Eagle Park, Tyrenena, Central Waters, Stillmank and Badger State - as well as meet some amazing brewers from all over the State of Wisconsin - Ale Asylum, Second Salem, Deadbird, O'so, Third Space, State of Craft Beer (book), Pearl Street, Karben4 and Vintage. Plus stay tuned til the end because we've got lots of breaking news, including a big wedding announcement for Henry Schwartz from Mobcraft, and a huge announcement about this year's Black Friday Beer from Russ Klisch at Lakefront Brewing! Cheers to the Summer Festival Season!